I noticed the server uptime is currently showing as fifteen consecutive days, and this seemed worthy of commenting on for whatever reason!

Nothing else to mention at the moment – I still have Big Plans for our fabulous server, but I doubt I’ll have time to get to them for the next few months at least.


Remember, friends: If you host it, they will come.

ETA: Apparently fifteen days is our limit. T_T


  1. xTremeWattage says

    Well, if fifteen days is the limit then its safe to say you’ve beaten the game so to speak. That is indeed a great accomplishment.

    ConGratz Mouse.

    Cheers! 😉

      • xTremeWattage says

        Where did I come from? Ugh… Everywhere. Which IRC software do you recommend. I’m a little rusty with the ol’ computer thingy.

        • mousEtopher says

          I’m pretty unfamiliar with IRC, but I still use AIM/MSN/Skype and I think I have my YIM account somewhere… Pick one and let me know your username, I’ll find you 😀

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