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Warcraft II


  • Gateway Editor (213.6 KB)
    Small utility for editing gateways for Blizzard games. Allows original copies of Warcraft II: Edition to connect to private servers.
  • Gateway Registry File (1.25 KB)
    Registry file for automatically importing the most popular custom Warcraft II servers ( and Includes default servers.
  • War2Observe
  • War2Agent

Map Editors & Related

  • Classic Editor
  • War2Combat Editor
  • PudDraft
  • War2xed
  • Pudview

Map Packs

  • Classics
  • Customs
  • Kpuds
  • Realm puds
  • Some other maps

Recording Software

  • WarVideo
  • War2 Insight

Streaming Software

  • Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder
  • Uscreencap
  • FFSplit
  • Open Broadcaster


  • Viruz vs swift
  • Viruz vs poscow
  • Viruz vs Viruz
  • GoW Replay Pack
  • Custom Replay Pack
  • Archers Friends replays