It’s been a long eight months, but here we stand at the end of it all content with the realization of our lofty goals.

Nearly after a year after the idea was conceived, the redesign of was finally concluded a little over a month ago at the beginning of July. With this task out of the way, resources were freed for exclusive focus on my own website.

A few short weeks later and the result is as you see. I must say, I am exceedingly pleased with the outcome and I hope you are too!

Site Improvements

  • The new design is sexy as hell and heavily WC2-themed, while nonetheless maintaining a modern and stylish appearance. (This was our intention all along!)
  • The home page now features a more intuitive and streamlined layout to help new arrivals assimilate the information and get started playing Warcraft II quickly and easily.
  • The server status info dynamically loads in the background, speeding the load time of the main content.
  • The site is fully mobile responsive.
  • I threw together a quick new logo to help tie things together, and damn does it look good.

Server Status

Unfortunately, aside from the new site, improvements to in the past year have been nearly inexistant. The pvpgn server has however consistently remained online (the primary server is approaching its four hundreth consecutive day, as a matter of fact!) and even experienced light usage during that time.

As long as there is still so much as one person using this server, then as far as I’m concerned its continued existence is fully justified.

In the Works

I will, as always, continue improving the server and the site as time permits. Here’s what’s planned as of right now:

  • Revamping the Downloads page
  • Expanding the informative, interactive slideshow on the home page with more useful tidbits
  • Possibly adding a knowledgebase to help people solve common problems with downloading, installing & playing Warcraft II
  • Overhauling the appearance of the Ladder and individual player pages to match the new site, be responsive, etc.
  • Creating a custom, responsive theme for the forum to match the new site design (very tentative plans for this)
  • Some other stuff

That’s all for now gentleminions — until next time!

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