Big news, community! Our fabulous server is finally being recognized by WC2 players and being used a bit.

.RU Goes Offline

On the evening of June 14th users were having trouble accessing the website and pvpgn server. This was apparently due to DNS resolution issues, as the server was still accessible via its IP address and some users reported no problems accessing it at all. By the following morning, June 15, casual users were looking for alternative servers to satisfy their gaming needs.

Enter ~Albus

Albus is a fairly new player on .ru, and has been one of the staunchest supporters of the mousetopher server for much of its brief existence. As I’ve lacked both the time and inclination to play much WC2 lately I was unaware of the ongoing “crisis” (hah), but luckily Albus was there to spearhead the effort to raise player awareness of our server, and establish it as a viable alternative until .ru was able to sort out its problems.

Posts were made on both the Warcraft II Facebook fan page and the Warcraft II Occult Forum to alert people of our existence, and as a result of his efforts we experienced a record high in traffic levels as well as a rash of new user registrations!

mousetopher warcraft 2 server traffic chart

Notice the spike in traffic on the day in question, June 15th

Facebook Group Notification

After I was alerted to the situation, I took steps of my own to make sure everyone who wanted access to a place to game during the .ru outage would be able to find that here on You may have seen this post made to the Warcraft II Fan Page on Facebook:

warcraft 2 mousetopher server facebook notification

For those of you who haven’t joined the Facebook group yet, it’s highly recommended that you do so! In the event that ever goes down for an extended period of time this will be among the best places to receive information and updates on the WC2 community, and will help prevent the playerbase from dispersing (that would suck!) The link to the FB group can be found at the bottom of every page of this website, in the section entitled “FOLLOW MEEEE”.

Note: I am a member of the FB group, but other than that have no formal affiliation with it and am not directly involved in its upkeep.


Fortunately, later that day .ru did finally come back online and as of this writing is continuing to operate as usual, but as a result of it has received a fair amount of exposure and established a place for itself in the consciousness of the WC2 community.

If you were to check server stats as seen in the sidebar of this site, you’d see that we’re now showing a total of 51 registered users and, as you can see by viewing the player stats page, we are continuing to see active players over a week later.

wacraft 2 mousetopher server usage player stats

As of right now remains the best place to play Warcraft II multiplayer online with the largest active group of players, and there’s no reason whatsoever to try and compete with them for traffic. I’m happy to keep running our server simply as a backup in case .ru becomes compromised, and also as an alternative place for newbies to practice or groups of friends to play in a more private setting.

Finally, we here at the mousetopher server humbly extend our thanks to Albus for the hard work he’s invested in making our server known to the world, and also to tk[as] who was quick to put in a good word for us over at the WC2 Occult Forums and offer his support to the server. In addition, our (my) thanks goes out to everyone else who has supported the server in any way and helped to spread the word about it.

With even this small rise in traffic comes a much greater incentive to actually expand and improve our little server, so stay tuned for future updates!


  1. keith289 says

    Wow! I see you’re good at writing articles including shiny graphs. I’d like to have seen more statistics, though. Warcraft II is the best game ever and I’m playing it since Kali in 1995! Garden of War used to be my favorite map back in the day; I used to beat newbz on it all day, but I’m not too modest to say I was pretty good overall in all maps. I’m the greatest Warcraft II player. I’ve killed ogres with peons, destroyed goldmines with mages, and harvested lumber with a seal. I’m the best ever! I’m great. I’ve beat everyone at this game. There’s never been anybody who has even stood a chance against me. I’m the Nonpareil, there is no equal to me, I’m the most glorious and respected player.

    Once the most feared warrior of all time, I’ve slain thousands of players with my sword. The greatest fighter the art has ever known, the most skilled man to ever pick up a mouse. I’m the best Real-Time Strategy player. I’ve mined gold with a seal and destroyed trees with a catapult. There’s nobody like me! There hasn’t ever been anybody like me! My strategy is perfect, my tactics cannot fail, and my execution is not from this world. I am flawless in and out; every match I’ve played, I’ve won. There is nobody like me.

    I’ve sent off every challenger, I’ve knocked out every opponent. I know my strategy can not fail. I cannot be wrong. The outcome of a fight is decided before it has even started. I go into every match knowing that there is no chance for me to lose. The laws of physics and mathematics cannot be wrong. The deterministic universe has decided that I will be the victor before the fight has even started! My tactics rely on intimidation and accuracy. Without inducing fear into my opponent, I know I cannot win this match. In this fight, I must prevail. The positioning of each of my units must be perfect; only a flawless fighter can be feared. Each little mistake, every idle brave, every incorrectly placed hut I see in my opponent’s base, my confidence grows larger. I must take the role of perfection. I know that if I make a single mistake, if my units don’t go through the perfect path, or my buildings are off by a foot, my opponent will not fear me. As the strategical commander, I must micromanage my troops with grace; any minor flaw would lead my men to distrust me. I must raze every building without emotion, I must burn every tree without regard. I’m literally insane. I have a very hard time remembering the past, predicting the future or seeing the now. I don’t even know what I’m doing at any time. I can’t remember where to click or where my opponent is. I have no experience, I’m unaware and I don’t even know where my main base is. Regardless, the tactics of intimidation, mind control and prediction know no limit. If you tell your opponent what to do, or you know what your opponent will do, then any action depending on that knowledge will have no risk.

    Now is the mid-game; I don’t know who I am, what resources I have or where my units are. But how can I command my troops when I don’t even know where they are? The effect of fright is invaluable. If my opponent fears me, he will already have put himself in a disadvantageous situation before I have even had a chance to issue a command. I do not even need to; I am certain my enemy will consume himself before I get a chance to send my next order. Without regard or thought I must advance. People say I play risky strategies, but my strategies have no risk. I don’t know where my buildings are, but I know what my opponent is thinking and the list of his next actions up to the next ten minutes. Knowing my opponent, my tactics cannot fail. I cannot defend; the second I descend in a defensive position, I am certain I will lose. A good fighter is good at fending off attacks; a great fighter doesn’t even need to. I can only throw punch after punch until my opponent is down. I cannot doubt my carefully planned strategy, validated by thousands upon thousands of matches.

    A game is easy. A game consists only of several mathematical questions. If the correct answer is given to the questions, the match is won. But with the added element of uncertainty, answering such questions becomes impossible. I have, however, patterned every opponent; I am completely certain. I stand still as my opponent, unaware, sets himself in a disadvantageous situation. There is no need to give any command when your work is done for you. Little does he know that I’ve patterned exactly what he would do, and then will proceed to apply the already set counter-strategy for whatever situation he has put himself in. When you have or can have a counter-strategy for every situation your opponent can set himself in, then every situation is disadvantageous for your opponent. And what need is there for you to have more than one counter-strategy when you either know exactly what your opponent will do, or have the power and ability to set himself in whatever situation you desire?

    Punch after punch, I’ve blown through my opponent’s defense. I have no defense; being brutal, agressive, and vicious, my opponent does not even have a chance to penetrate my base. I’ve set everything on fire, I’ve destroyed every building, I’ve killed every man. The whole world has seen my victory; my grace and beauty become known and achieve fame. I have proven my opponent wrong; I have shown him I am more intelligent and destructive than him. I’ve shown him that my strategy is better than his strategy, and that his wits cannot match my impressive handsomeness. And now, he cannot do anything to change the outcome. Even if the whole world hates me, they have no choice but to admire me. No matter how many people hoped I had lost, they cannot do anything to reverse the situation; they have no choice but to bow to me now. I come back to a crowd crying my name and challenging me. My strategy is observed, my tactics are known, but my opponent still has no resource but to lose; as I can control his next action. Victory only gives temporary feelings of relief of the will to completely destroy everyone else on this planet, like 5 minutes tops. I cannot give up fighting. I’ve taken down this opponent and now I have to taken down the next opponent. A fighter has the most pending work; I cannot ever finish working through my line of challengers. I will never stop! I will take down every man who has ever dared to pronounce my name! Beauty will impose its will over the ugly!

    My skill knows no limits. My shaman is beautiful, my clicks are precise and my strategy has no equal. I’m the best ever! I’m pretty and cannot be possibly beaten. I wish I could say I loathe myself, but I love me. I’m great! Challenge me! Little wonder I’m the most feared; for those who would oppose me, I feel only pity.

  2. kaziu says

    Hello :)

    I would like to talk with you about cooperation but i cant find your e-mail adress on your website. Please send me feedback e-mail and i will send you details.

  3. Mataga says

    I’m glad to see someone regardless of the traffic keeps server online and available at any time, because without him this day nobody would be able to play.

    • mousEtopher says

      Thanks for your support Mataga. This server has definitely come in handy for players at least once, I only hope that it will continue to be a reliable resource to the wc2 community. ^_^

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