Some updates on the progress of the to transition:

  • As you can see, the website has been migrated over to the new domain!
  • The new VPS is up and running and serving WC2 like a boss.
  • A current copy of the old server’s database has been uploaded to the new server. All account registrations and game reports for the past 2.5 months are intact. :)
  • Server status information in the sidebar is now available for both servers.
  • Ladder information is now available for both servers.
  • The Trivia bot is now online on
  • We now have a legit forum located at !

In the works:

  • We’ll be redesigning with a sexy new WC2-themed layout.
  • A bot to allow users to self-assign custom client tags is in early development stages.
  • Ditto on a hosting bot.
  • A series of YouTube tutorial-type videos is planned, to help spread the word about WC2 and get new players involved.


    • mousEtopher says

      This idea is happening purely to avoid having to answer your requests to change client tag thirty times per day. ๐Ÿ˜€

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