As you may have deduced from the title of this post, the database was stolen a few months ago by a malicious user. If you’ve registered here at any point during the past few years then your password, IP address and all other information associated with your account was compromised.

If you use the same password on, or anywhere else, it’s strongly recommended that you change it to something unique and secure ASAP!

Since experiences very infrequent use I probably won’t bother resetting the database or anything like that. If your account password was changed and you absolutely must have it back, I’ll reset it for you if you can prove ownership (e.g. mail me from the same account on .ru).

Problems logging on?

Today, it further came to my attention that the user who stole the database used one of the administrator accounts to prevent others from logging onto the server — this situation has now been resolved, and you are once again free to play numerous games of Warcraft II here on

Some people are also experiencing difficulty connecting to at the present time; rest assured that the appropriate authorities have been notified and the situation will be dealt with in short order. Update: Fixed!

Now that that’s settled, let’s all go play some Kpuds!

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